About Us

About Tiffin Box

Tiffin Box was formed with a dream of offering quality food for student in school, an ideal solution for busy mothers. Todays child are tomorrows hope and aspiration thus, its an initiative to provide them proper required nutritious food to enhance their supremacy.

The Company offers healthy foods maintaining environmental health in disposable pack under its brand “TIFFIN BOX”, an ideal venture for students tiffin solution.


Our Vision

To be leading company in the country for offering nutritious, hygiene & fresh food for the student in most scientific manner.

Our Mission

  • Offering food value base on age segment.
  • Serve and maintain environmental sustainability.
  • Ensuring the quality through standard SOP in
  • Procurement, processing, distribution


A child who takes a wholesome nutritionally adequate meal has been shown to fall sick less often and has improved school attendance.

  • They are very much influenced by their peer group and eat better in the company of their friends and classmates.
  • Healthy and adequate meal helps to meet nutritional needs of the child.
  • Since children eat better in the company of their peers, tiffin box is a good way to introduce variety in their meals.
  • A nutritionally adequate and diverse variety in the meal helps in developing positive attitude towards food since childhood.
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